Sunday, March 11, 2012

Robot 1st Birthday Party

So my baby is about to turn one and this weekend we had a wonderful small birthday party.  Our theme was robots.  I purchased a wonderful kit from emmiecakes on Etsy.  I tend to over due just about everything when it comes to party planning.  Everything turned out so cute I had to share!

Cake table

Robot "smash" cake was a hit.  Everyone was upset they had to eat cupcakes.
(the cute bucket in the back round I found at Target in the Easter section the morning of the party it fit perfect)

Ready for some cake!
He was so polite when eating it.  Just a finger of frosting at a time never did dig in.

All in all we had a great party!  Rowan was a trooper (he has been sick for 2 weeks and still has an ear infection). We served chili and snack food and I made grilled cheese for the 2 kids. We wanted to keep it simple and it worked out great.  Next year we will hopefully be finished with our basement remodel so we have more room for people.  If you are interest in a Robot theme I suggest emmiecakes she did a great job!

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